hape all season wooden dollhouse

I first encountered this dollhouse at a local toy store, my then 3 year old daughter loved playing with it, up on a small table. We recently purchased it for both our daughters (2 and 5) after much research into wooden dollhouses. Here are a list of reasons we went with the Hape All Season House:

hape all season house
  • The main materials are wood and water based paint

  • The kids can play with it from the front and sides

  • It comes with furniture, for a reasonable price (on Amazon it is currently $128)

  • The roof can come off easily and be switched around

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to move around 

It only took about 15 minutes to assemble it myself!

We have it up on a small table, with a little space in front of it. I installed LED lights on each of the ceilings to help with lighting. Because it is so easy to move around, we have put it other places for the girls to play with.

hape all season dollhouse.jpg

Our kids love this dollhouse, and the furniture. We also bought the Hape wooden dolls to go with it. We bought a family of five on amazon, but they can be purchased individually. The dolls are a very cute and can sometimes stand, but kind of tricky for a 2 yr old. They have fun with them and they also use Calico Critters in the house.

After having it for some time, here are only a few things that I don't love about it:

  • It seems like the rooms are a bit small or enclosed, I'd like it if it was more open/spacious 
  • The balcony is removable, but it doesn't ever seem to be level, it tips slightly
  • The space under the kitchen seems like wasted space

Overall for the price, materials, and features, this is a great little dollhouse and we love it!