spindle all natural latex mattress

In searching again for a natural latex mattress, I came across many websites and got a bit overwhelmed with all of the options and configurations. I have a few already, but because it has been some time, I wanted to see what else was out there and what the prices were like. With internet searching and reading through an excellent resource The Mattress Underground, I came across the company Spindle. I immediately liked the design and clarity of their website, the uniqueness and creativity of their name Spindle, and the quality and pricing of what they offer. I also loved that they are a small company and their mattresses are made in America.

Spindle’s mattress offerings are clear and simple, adjustable, and tailored to the individual mattress users needs! If you are someone that can get a bit overwhelmed with multiple options, but also might be particular, their mattress is perfect for you.

Their mattress consists of three layers of 3 inch all natural dunlop latex, manufactured in the USA and Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified, an organic cotton cover with natural wool batting. It is everything one would want in a latex foam mattress. The layers can be flipped, and switched around.

They are a small company based in Massachusetts, with excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. This is very refreshing when possible, to purchase something that is not part of a massive corporation. Their website offers many videos, such as one on how to put together your mattress together as well as a very clearly formatted website including a Knowledge Center page.

My experience sleeping on the mattress was this: at first it was very comfortable, cloud-like, but a bit too soft. We had a ‘medium’ mattress (two medium layers and a firm layer) and although it was very comfortable, it was a bit too soft for me. I noticed it mostly when getting up off the bed or when sitting on the bed. Spindle sent an additional firm layer to swap out with one of the medium layers and it was perfect. So the new configuration was two firm layers holes up, then one medium layer holes down. There is now a perfect balance of being soft and comfortable, and supported and sturdy. We all have slept on it and given it about 60 days. We are so glad it is part of our home now and we love it!

The mattress comes in separate boxes, vacuum packed. They suggest it is a two person job assembling, but I did it solo to see if it could be done and it was doable! It seems like a feat when you are starting, but it really is just the bottom layer that needs most adjusting, and take your time doing that as best you can. One mistake I made putting the mattress together is I put the cover on upside down, I didn’t realize it until I received the additional firm layer. So at that point I switched it. Wasn’t a big deal, but now the nice wool batting is where it should be. Zipper on top, not on the bottom.

Here’s a slide show of my process:

Some pros of an adjustable mattress:

  • can be specifically tailored to your comfort level and needs, individual layers can even be flipped to be firmer or softer

  • helpful for moving a heavy latex foam mattress - it can be taken apart for easier transport

  • easily get replacement parts if something were to happen, a new cover for example or a new top layer and cover (those with pets or little kids and no waterproof cover could especially benefit from this!)

Some potential cons:

  • when moving the mattress around minimally, like on and off the bed frame, the layers might shift slightly

  • if you aren’t a hands on person, putting it together may seem daunting

The other mattresses we have and use are a firm twin sized 7” Sleep on Latex mattress for our 5 year old, a Saavy Rest crib mattress for our 2 year old, and a king sized Pure Bliss Talalay mattress for our bedroom. The Pure Bliss we purchased a long time ago when I was just starting out on my research and it is not 100% natural latex, but it is quite comfortable and big! The Saavy Rest crib mattress is great, I like their company a lot, but they are one of the pricier companies, so if you are budget conscious it is difficult to buy a mattress from them. The Sleep on Latex mattress seems to be one of the most affordable natural latex mattresses from my research, and it could be a good option if you are on a stricter budget, would like a 7 inch mattress, or don’t want an adjustable mattress for some reason. Our firm twin was way too firm for me, I would sleep sometimes with our 5 year old on my side and my hips would be uncomfortable. We purchased then a soft latex foam topper and also put a thin wool waterproof cover, and now it is better.

If you’d like to use this link to purchase a Spindle Mattress, I get a small commission:
http://spindlemattress.com?aff=58 and you can use this code for $200 off a new mattress: LILHOLSOM

*after conducting many hours of research, I reached out to Spindle to see if they wanted to work on a review together, they generously sent a B stock mattress of which I don’t notice any flaws, thank you Spindle!