wendy anne moses basket

Our moses basket is a current staple in our living room. When our baby sleeps during the day, this is what she sleeps in, when we need to put her down quickly during the day, it is right there. It will only be used for probably 3 months at most, but it is such a wonderful and sweet thing to have for a newborn. We can use the basket for other things once it is no longer used for our baby (toys, clothes, etc)...and it can be handed down.

In my quest for an organic moses basket set, I came across Wendy Anne's handmade moses basket on etsy.com. I liked that it was from a small business, handmade, and organic. I also thought compared to what I had seen the price was reasonable. For the palm leave handwoven moses basket, organic cotton stuffed futon, organic cotton liner for the basket and an organic cotton sheet it costs $139.

This set is minimal, sweet, and perfect! The cotton is soft, as is the futon and the basket is airy, not solid. We keep our moses basket in the kitchen/dining room, but one can also use it for night sleeping as well. There is an option to purchase a foam mattress instead, which might be a bit firmer. The cotton futon is a little soft for me to feel comfortable using it at night (when I am asleep too), but it is probably fine. Or you can just buy the basket and get linens or mattress somewhere else. The linens come in white and ivory and can be machine washed and dried. There is a wool puddle pad available which is really helpful for those frequent spit up occasions, it helps shield the mattress from getting it! We also sometimes put a small cloth under our baby's head when she is in there in case there is spit up.

After washing and drying the sheet it seems like it is a bit too tight for the mattress, if it was a little looser then the mattress would fill the basket more completely. It doesn't seem to have that much of a negative effect though. Here, our daughter is around 2 weeks, to get an idea of scale. I think with our first we used the basket until around 3 months, but I can't remember exactly. We had borrowed one from someone then and this time around I was sure it was something we needed!

We put the basket on our registry (babyli.st), and after receiving it and loving it, I reached out to Wendy Anne about doing a review, she then sent us the moses basket rocker/stand. It comes in parts and is quick and easy to assemble. The wood is from the US and is a nice classic plywood. These are the parts after taking them out of the box. I love the way it rocks, side to side, rather than front to back like many.

Here's a view of our living room set up. We have since put the moses basket on the little rug, so it is really easy to slide it around, closer to the dining room table for example. But we mostly leave it where it is. 

*As it says on her etsy site, moses baskets should stop being used as soon as the baby can roll over and the baby should never be in the basket if it is picked up. Also, the basket should always be on the floor or in a stand.