calla creative toddler pillow

I recently started researching what pillow to get our 2 year old. I looked into wool, latex, cotton, polyester batting, etc. Here is a review of the pillow that I felt was the best choice for us, the Calla Creative Toddler Pillow

The most important things in a pillow for a toddler are washability, comfort, and no chemicals or organic. The idea of a wool or cotton pillow very much appeals to me, but all of the ones I came across couldn't be washed. Kapok also appeals to me, and I used to have them on our bed, but they do have a scent and I feel wary about them, like will they trap mildew or something. I thought about latex, but our daughter's mattress is latex and I just didn't feel good about using the same material. The entire Calla Pillow is not treated with any flame retardants, so there are no added chemicals. 

A close up of the texture/weave of the cover

A close up of the texture/weave of the cover

The cover is 100% organic cotton sateen weave and grown in the USA. The filling (CallaFill) is a micro-pearled polyester cluster fiber that stays fluffy and keeps its bounce. The pillow is hypoallergenic, and dust mite and mildew resistant! Because the cover is woven so tightly and is soft and the pillow is easily washable, it doesn't require a pillow case, but I think it is nice to have an extra barrier anyway, and sometimes one might not want to wash the entire pillow. Call Creative sells a very soft 100% organic cotton pillow case that has a tuck in side. 

I thought it would be helpful to share some photos of the pillow with the pillowcase before and after being washed numerous times. The next four photos are of the pillow prior to being washed with the pillowcase on and after a number of washes. Super cozy and soft, nice folded over edge on the pillowcase. 


Calla Creative has a 3 year warranty, so if there ever happen to be any issues, there is that security! I think that is a testament to its quality. Another nice thing is the company is new and small, a couple with a young child created the company and pillow when they themselves were looking for the best option for their little one. Our daughter loves the pillow and we do too!

 I made a very short video to help people get a sense of the texture and squishiness of the pillow. 

After researching various pillow options and I was decided on this one, I reached out to Calla Creative to see if they'd like to do an exchange, I am happy they did and very satisfied with their product, customer service, and company as a whole!