patagonia's traceable down

We have had a very cold winter, and now that we are in the country the items we have from Patagonia have helped our little one stay very warm and cozy! I heard about Patagonia's Traceable Down from a friend and read about it online right away. I have to admit, this is not something I really knew about! I am glad that I am aware of it now because it is awful how much of the down is obtained in many companies. Patagonia is one of the few that ensures their down is plucked humanely. Their down is never from birds that are force-fed (some birds are to get them plump before slaughtering) and never live-plucked, and it is guaranteed not mixed with down from either of those two groups. They have an animation that explains it a little here.

This is a big reason to buy down items from Patagonia, the other is that their products are made really well, seem like they would last a long time and are cute and comfortable. This Down Sweater Bunting is size 2T, and seems like it could fit our 17 month old next winter too hopefully. It is slightly big on her, but it is not a problem at all. It is relatively easy to put on and is super warm for her on those frigid days for an outing or to play in the snow. The hood has a soft liner and it is sized generously. We have loved having this, it has helped winter be more enjoyable for all of us! They don't have it on their website, but I was able to find a description of it here on REI.

In my opinion, the Baby High-Loft Down Sweater Hoody is the best coat ever for our girl. We have size 2T and it fits her perfectly. It isn't too short, and the hood stays up easily. It also seems so warm and she loves wearing it. Now is the time to buy one because they are on sale! 

The Baby Down Sweater Jacket has not gotten as much use, and doesn't seem right for those 0 degree days, but it is great as a Fall or Spring jacket when you want something warm. It also is nice and thin but still warm so can be used as an under layer. I feel like it makes the most sense as a nice jacket for when it's chilly, but not freezing. We have the 3T, which is big on our daughter, but she was still able to wear it. Because it is light and thin, we just rolled up the sleeves a bit. Other than that it hung down a little which is actually kind of nice.

The Baby Snow Pile Bib did not get any wear this winter. They are a 3T and it turns out they are a bit too big for our girl. The bunting (above) also turned out to be the perfect thing for her at this age, so we used that often. I am sure these will get great use next winter and probably the following winter. It seems like they are very adjustable. They are lightweight, so seem comfortable to wear. From our experience everything is made really well by Patagonia, they are a great company. If their prices are too high, shop now when their winter items are on sale, or look on craigslist or ebay for used items. And stay warm...

*After contacting Patagonia they sent us these amazing products to test and share our experience, thank you!