stainless steel toddler cups - thermos foogo

Thermos, an awesome and classic brand that started over 110 years ago, offers various stainless steel insulated drinking vessels. Their products are made very sturdy and the design is simple and practical, including their infant line. We wanted a drinking vessel that was not primarily made out of plastic, that she could hold and drink from easily herself, and could be taken in a bag without spilling. Our daughter loves the Foogo Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle.

At 17 months she can open and close it herself, which is satisfying. It helps her feel independent and it is great for bringing in her diaper bag when we go out. We mostly put water in it, sometimes juice. I think it can also be used for milk, although my gut feeling is to use glass for milk.

This bottle is great. I have no complaints, the straw parts are made out of silicone. There is very minimal contact with the plastic cover, only if the bottle was filled to the brim or if the bottle is not stored or held upright. All of the components come completely apart. We have a mini brush that we sometimes use to clean the straw, but usually since we don't have milk in it, I run super hot water through the straw and it seems efficient. We have two of these and use one every day!  

We also tried the Foogo Vacuum Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cup. Our daughter didn't use this one as much because the straw cup is her favorite. All of the pieces come apart, so that makes cleaning much easier, and you can take out the piece that makes it not spill out so the little one has to actually suck out the drink. Unfortunately we lost this piece early on, I guess one disadvantage. I don't see a way to buy replacement parts, but that would be nice. For the sippy cup, the spout is made out of plastic, which is also not ideal. I do think this is one of the best options out there for sippy cups because the beverage is held mainly in stainless steel, not plastic if it is upright. The insulation aspect is also really great for keeping beverages cooler in the summer. In the pictures below, the additional piece is not shown, it would fit just under the transparent plastic part that rests inside the top. Many of their products have interchangeable lids, which is a really convenient feature!

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*Thermos kindly sent me these awesome products to try out and review