favorite cloth diaper - grovia

We have tried a few cloth diaper covers and the Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell definitely gets the most use and is very versatile. These covers can be used with the Grovia snap-in soaker, any prefolds or flats, or disposable inserts. I like that where the cloth diaper doesn't cover, soft polyester mesh is what touches baby's skin and not a PLU waterproof coated fabric which I would personally find uncomfortable, especially in the warmer months. The outer fabric is made from 100% polyester TPU water resistant fabric. The diapers are one size, so they will last for the duration of your baby's diaper wearing, which makes them more economical, you just need to adjust the snaps accordingly. I like how the snaps on the taps are next to each other, not one above the other. It seems to hold the diaper in place very nicely.

The Grovia soakers are easy to use and they have an organic cotton option, which is great. They snap into place so there is no guess work and they have little gussets that could help with blowouts (we started using these diapers when our baby was no longer having them). One thing to note, if you don't use them and are using prefolds or flats, if the prefold or flat isn't long enough there is a chance the snap inside the shell can press against baby's skin. We haven't had a problem with this when it has happened, it hasn't seemed to affect our baby. But, it did happen a few times with our flats, because they aren't as long as our prefolds.

We have only tried the organic cotton soakers, not the stay dry. We haven't had any issues with keeping them clean and stink-free so far. We line dry and they do take longer than flats, but we haven't felt like they take as long as some cloth fitteds we have used. There are two separate layers sewn together at the ends, so that helps with cleaning and drying. They aren't as economical as flats/prefolds, so we use a combination of the three depending on what is clean. I also have found that the organic soakers are nice for naps/sleeping. If we weren't thinking about money, we would probably buy many more of them!

The BioSoakers are a convenient option, but we haven't found much use for them. We use disposables sometimes and so far we have just used disposables or cloth depending on the circumstance. I think the BioSoakers would work well for some people though, and it makes the diaper cover work for various circumstances. They have sticky squares on the backside that become exposed once a little piece of paper is peeled off, so that helps them stay in place inside the cover, I am not sure if that is really necessary but it makes it more secure. I held an Honest diaper next to a folded BioSoaker to compare their size, it seems like they take up about half as much space.