organic baby clothes

There are numerous reasons to buy organic clothes, especially for babies! The cotton is not grown with the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, it is not produced with toxic flame retardants, they usually use low impact dyes. It's better for the baby, better for you, and better for the environment! The more organic clothes are purchased, the more companies that will make them and the more prices will go down (that's the idea right?).

Recently, I went to a local Marshall's to see if I could find some inexpensive baby clothes. We just needed a few things and I thought we could find something that was acceptable there, rather than spend a lot of money on something 'organic'. I weeded through the racks, submerged myself in florescent lighting, and basically wasted time, oh precious time. Then, I decided to do what I had been thinking of doing for some time: order some things from Kate Quinn Organics during their '$10 sale'. I ordered enough to get free shipping and was amazed that the prices of their sale items were comparable to the not-in-any-way-soft clothes at Marshall's. Their prices are not always so low, the cost of their regular items might be above one's budget, but I don't think anyone would be disappointed with their clothes. They are extremely soft, well made, unique, cute, and organic! They are also a great place for buying a gift for someone that would appreciate a thoughtful and healthy baby item. 

Kate Quinn  Piped cargo bubble dress - Forest , 100% organic cotton

Kate Quinn Piped cargo bubble dress - Forest, 100% organic cotton


After my experience with their clothes, I decided to research some additional organic baby clothes options and contacted them to work with me on doing a review, in exchange I received some very cute items. I did notice that their sizing runs pretty small, but they mentioned that it is being addressed. 

The bubble dress is adorable! Sweet and comfortable for any day or for a special occasion. Buttons on the back, wooded pattern on the inside as well (double thick on skirt). I think you can buy it oversized and it will just get shorter as baby gets older!

Kate Quinn Tiered Ruffled Dress Bodysuit  , 100% organic cotton

Kate Quinn Tiered Ruffled Dress Bodysuit, 100% organic cotton

The tiered ruffled bodysuit is very cute and unique, a fun thing to dress baby in. Buttons are on the front and the back. It is special, comfortable, and I love the black and white paired with an interesting pattern. I wish the ruffles were sewn in the back so baby could wear a pair of pants with it comfortably, it is meant to be worn solo I think. Something that would be a cute gift, not an essential, but lovely.

The kimono long and short sleeve bodysuits are great. Gone are the days of over-stretched necks on bodysuits. The only downside of these is it can take a bit longer to put on a squirming and active baby, and they are slightly thicker in the hot summer days because of the overlap on the front. But they are elegant and practical. 

Kimono bodysuit,  100% organic cotton

Kimono bodysuit, 100% organic cotton

Swaddle & Washcloths (10)   100% organic cotton

Swaddle & Washcloths (10) 
100% organic cotton

I love this as a gift option: a unique swaddle with super soft baby washcloths. Everyone seems to have Aden and Anais swaddles, and they are nice too, but it is great to have something different and organic. This is a perfect swaddle and light blanket! Having washcloths is something that not every parent will think of getting, maybe towards the bottom of the list of must haves. But, they are very convenient for bath-time, wiping hands, even adding water and freezing or not freezing for baby to suck/chew on while teething.

Their gift sets are wonderful. The Knot Just a Hat version comes in a beautiful and tasteful package. It includes a hat, infant sacque, and receiving blanket. Any new parent would be delighted to receive this as a gift! Their patterns and colors are interesting and easy on the eyes. Kate Quinn has numerous sales which makes buying their products reasonable for many people. If you sign up to their email list, they'll send emails out when their sales are happening. 

Kate Quinn Gift set, Knot Just a Hat - new leaf,  100% organic cotton

Kate Quinn Gift set, Knot Just a Hat - new leaf, 100% organic cotton


Lucy and Leo is a great company! Not only are their clothes organic and designed and manufactured in New York, but for every garment purchased, they plant a tree through Trees for the Future. We were given the Flutter Dress to try, and we love it. It is simple and sweet. I like the pairing of fun with practical of their designs. 

Lucy & Leo Flutter Dress, 100% organic cotton

Lucy & Leo Flutter Dress, 100% organic cotton

lucy and leo.jpg


Their clothes seem durable, comfortable, and the colors are neutral and tasteful. With dresses, I think you can buy oversized and then have them grow into it. Their selection isn't overwhelming, which is nice actually. Less to decide! They also have an organic skincare line that looks appealing. Their clothes make a very cute, hip, local (if in NYC area) and organic gift!

Hanna Andersson is another company I came across in my research. Their baby clothes are fun! They are a bit less sophisticated, but their colors are bright and cheery and patterns and stripes are playful. Their prices are also pretty reasonable and comparable to non organic clothes. They offer a lot of choices and essentials. Pajamas, socks, hats, bodysuits, etc. Their cotton is super soft and a nice thickness, not thin. I think the equivalent of wearing your very comfy sweat pants when you want to be as cozy as possible.

Hanna Andersson Bright Baby Basics, 100% organic cotton

Hanna Andersson Bright Baby Basics, 100% organic cotton

Disana is a German based company that specializes in Organic Wool products. They have a cloth diaper line, baby clothes, and home textiles. They often use boiled merino wool, as in this jacket. This makes the wool have less air that penetrates, keeps it soft and durable. This jacket also has an organic cotton lining on the hood and portions of the inside areas which makes it even softer against the skin. The back side of this jacket dips down a bit, so there should be no jacket that crawls up above the waist to expose skin. Their sizes are true to size if not slightly over sized. They offer high quality garments. Wool is an amazing material - regulates temperature, keeps the body warm and not overheated, stays cleaner, resists mold and bacteria for longer, and is natural. We love this jacket for our daughter and see it as a staple for the winter months. You can also find their items online, I know Little Spruce Organics is one place that offers a selection of their clothes. 

Disana Boiled Wool Jacket, 100% organic wool and 100% organic cotton lining.

Disana Boiled Wool Jacket, 100% organic wool and 100% organic cotton lining.

Here are some links to other organic baby clothes that I came across, although I don't have hands on experience with their clothes. Some of them offer a line of organic clothes, they don't only offer organic. If you know of any additional that you can recommend, please comment below!

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