carving time


Ten minutes. An hour. A day...A week...A month. 

Time happens. It is a beautiful thing. What do we do during the day, the night? What do we want to be doing? Are we doing what we want to be doing? Can we love and honor what we are doing as if it is perfect? 

I was recently given the advice that I should try to carve out time for myself. With a toddler and a newborn, I need to be creative with what that means. But at this point, I know that what it means is connecting with myself. Being a mother of these two beautiful girls is heaven, a dream come true. But, I also need to take time to be on my own, even if it is 15 minutes.


To sit outside and look at the wind blowing the leaves of the trees
To write a post for my blog
To draw in my sketchbook
To go to a cafe
To make a meal and eat it, to make tea and drink it on the porch
To delete emails
To organize


It also goes beyond these activities. I have been shifting my inner focus to reconnect with who I was before I was a mom, to help anchor me. This year many things happened and are happening. My father passed away, my husband's father passed away, we moved to a new state, we had our amazing second daughter, I am starting a new full time job. In order to stay grounded amidst all of this change, I must learn how to carve out time for myself, so that I can continue to be me, and continue to grow as a mother and as an individual.