love poem, by victoria williams

Living landlocked
In the green density of the Berkshires,
I remember the decades we lived by the sea.

The tides were in our souls,
As tide memory etched in sand.
Dried ripples of lacy surf,
And bits of sea glass, shells, red seaweed left behind,
Treasures of the ebb.

Each Winter Solstice, before dawn, 
We'd walk backwards the long length
Of First Beach,
Leaning back into the ocean's icy breath,
As the waking sun rose, incandescent on the waves.

You reached the beach's end before me,
And I, lost in sun dazzle,
Felt myself wrapped in your arms,
Your chin resting on my head,
Your laughter a love song
Just for me;
Always for me.

-Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams, M.A.