disana cloth diaper system

Disana is a wonderful German based company that specializes in organic wool clothes and diapers for babies and kids. They also have a line of products for the home. Over 30 years ago they started providing eco-friendly textiles. They are committed to natural textile production and are dedicated to wholesome products as well as environmental and social concerns. They are a founding member of the International Association of Natural Textiles, which ensures the textiles are not only made with healthy materials, but also that neither workers nor animals suffered in the making of the products . On their website, one can find many nice things, but here I am going to review their cloth diaper system, which includes a tie nappy, muslin flat, and boiled wool cover (they also offer a fitted cloth diaper, a woolen over pant, and a microfiber cover among other things).

When I first started using the system, I was slightly overwhelmed, but that quickly faded. There is a nice instructional video here by Little Spruce Organics that helped me learn what to do with the tie nappy and Disana has an instructional page that is also helpful. We do cloth diapering part time, in general. I have found this system to be the best for us during the time when baby sleeps. I think it works at all times of course, but for us that is when we use it most. We do use it during the day as well, but just not as often. 

disana tie nappy folded

The Tie Nappy

  • 100% organic cotton
  • one size, fold over and adjust depending on size of baby
  • knitted cotton moves with baby
  • cotton is breathable and absorbs
  • don't have to use snappi or pins
  • stays close to skin at edges so leaks don't go into diaper cover as much
  • dries very quickly after washing, especially compared to a cloth fitted diaper
  • not the simplest system, can be tricky if baby is moving all around, but with time it gets much easier
  • sometimes it gets bunched up in the washing machine because of the ties
disana tie nappy open
disana tie nappy detail

Muslin Flat

  • 100% organic cotton
  • highly absorbent
  • highly breathable
  • simple to fold up in many different ways, we fold and use similar to a prefold either as a liner to the tie nappy or sometimes folded up under a regular diaper cover
  • can use it for numerous other things-burp cloth, rag, etc.
  • seems slightly more delicate than other flats we have

Boiled Wool Cover

  • 100% organic wool (aside from velcro of course)
  • if it doesn't get soiled it can last a while before needing to be washed, just air out
  • slightly felted helping this to be leakproof
  • knitted wool at legs stretches to fit around baby's legs to help with leaks
  • extra wool padding in center to help absorb
  • not a trim diaper, so things like onesie's sometimes have to go a size up to fit over
  • must be hand wshed
disana wool
disana wool detail

*Disana kindly sent me the cloth diaper system to review