snugbags winter sleepsack

When searching for a baby SleepSack (or wearable blanket) that would be very warm in the winter and was made of only natural materials, I came across Snugbags. We have been using this SleepSack for our baby most of the winter so far. It keeps her warm and is so cozy! I am hoping it will last next winter as well. Here's some info on the Sack:

Snugbags Winter Weight SleepSack
Color: oatmeal
Size: 3-24 months

Features: 100% cotton exterior, 100% bamboo and cotton filling, 100% merino wool lining inside. Two snaps on each shoulder. Openings for the buckle of a car seat or stroller. Sturdy zipper zips entirely open so blanket can lay flat when the baby is not in it, makes putting the arms in extremely easy, even when baby is asleep. No flame retardants. All natural materials.

I think this is an amazing find. I looked at many warm sleep sacks but they were filled with polyester, which I didn't want for our baby. This is filled with a 100% cotton/bamboo blend. From what I have read, polyester can make the baby get too hot - if there is variable heat for example and the home gets hot then cold. Sometimes this happens in our place, it will be chilly until 5am and then the heat goes on automatically and it is quite warm. The merino wool on the inside is very soft and helps regulate body temperature, so it helps the body stay cool when it is warm and warm when it is cold. It also is naturally moisture resistant and naturally flame retardant. Because of the wool, the sack doesn't need to be washed that often and doesn't need the awful added flame retardant chemicals. Simply hang it somewhere when not in use, to help the air circulate. Of course if there is an accident or spit up, then it should be washed. Hand washing in the sink with a little wool-safe soap and luke warm water does the trick. It isn't the most convenient, but it also isn't a big deal since it doesn't have to be washed that often. It can also be machine washed with wool friendly detergent (we haven't tried this yet), but not dried. I like hand washing because I think it will make it last the longest this way. The cotton on the outside is a nice thick, soft cotton. 

Many of the sleep sacks I looked at came in more sizes, 6-12 and 18-24 months for example. So even though this sleep sack might cost more than another sack, it is 100% natural materials and one lasts from 3-24 months! There is an opening in the front and back so you can have your baby buckled in a car seat or stroller with the cozy sack on. This is a really sweet option.

The only thing I wish is that they had an organic option. I did speak with the company about the source of their fabrics and my understanding is that they are not processed with any added chemicals. Also, the company is based in New Zealand, so shipping might take longer than what many people are used to if you are ordering from a well known online US based store, but I found the wait well worth it!

Here is my video review on this wonderful sleepsack.

I was kindly refunded the money I had spent when ordering this after I offered to do a review! This is what started my interest in doing these reviews.