dairy-free alternatives for half & half

Half & half has been a must in my coffee/tea for a while. Sugar, I do without. Recently, I was curious about alternative creamers that are dairy-free. I am glad I bought the range, because it was hard to tell just based on reading or even other’s opinions. In the end my favorite was, by far, Ripple’s plant based half & half. It was the creamiest and best tasting. The fat content doesn’t seem much different, but that was not my goal. Here are some pictures to show my taste test…

Dairy-free half and half

My taste test included: Trader Joes’ Organic half & half, Nut Pods original, Forager organic dairy-free, Ripple original.
Each cup of coffee had the same amount as did the half & half samples.


Here is an image just after the samples were poured in, without being stirred.

The regular half & half to me tastes perfect, but it has dairy, so if you are looking for a dairy free half & half, as I was, of the three that I tasted, the Ripple had the best consistency and taste! The Nut Pods was a bit textured and almost in little pieces, the Forager didn’t seem to do much to the coffee, and the Ripple was quite similar to the consistency of regular half & half and had a pleasant somewhat nutty flavor.

Here’s a short video showing the cups after they have been stirred…