little moldy rubber ducky

rubber ducky

This is a no brainer. Those cute and classic little rubber duckies are not so innocent! Mold can be found lurking inside. Moisture gets trapped from the bath water that lingers with no air flow. Rubber ducks are often in baby's mouth - gross, no one wants to get moldy residue in their mouths especially our little ones. And they aren't really rubber usually, but vinyl plastic - another reason it is not the ideal thing to be in baby's mouth.

moldy rubber ducky
inside ducky

I had read about this somewhere, so decided to see if it was the case with our very own rubber, I mean plastic, ducks that were only a few months old and a gift from someone. Yikes, they were moldy and quickly went in the garbage after their photo shoot.

There are so many things we don't think through, this is one that got past me for sure. I am glad that I discovered this fairly early on!

Because they have a little hole in them, even if you squeeze the water out after bath time, it is hard to get rid of all the water, so it stays inside and helps things grow in there. 


good ducky

After researching bath toys that didn't have air holes, I came across Hevea Baby's natural rubber ducks that are not only actual rubber, but are also sealed so there is no air hole, no way water can get in. I got the Kawan and the Alfie Junior to try out after contacting the company and explaining what I was going to write about. We love these duckies! There is no mold, no water squiring out in my baby's mouth, no vinyl plastic to worry about, and they are cute.

Another perk of the Kawan is it has little feet that help it stay upright much easier than other floating ducks. It is also pretty lightweight, so easy for baby to hold, and is painted with eco friendly plant pigments giving it a really cute face.